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My Story

I've always been an artist, it was all that I was interested in at school and art college followed on from that from there I got involved in design and book binding. Somehow I ended up working in the tree surgery field, although a deep love of nature and trees helped me find my way there.

Now I'm coming back full circle, so you could artist turned tree surgeon leaning back towards artist again, I guess the need to create art never really goes away!

 I'm passionate about preserving the beauty of the wood that I see and have the privilege to work with, saving a piece of wood from rotting away or the fire pile and giving it a new life.

 Every piece of wood has it's own unique character; the texture and colour and smell. My bowls reflect that uniqueness, I try to let the wood be what it naturally wants to be.....not many of my bowls are round and I like that, why conform?

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