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Beautiful Bowls

Unique bespoke hand crafted wooden bowls.


All of my bowls are made personally by me, by hand and therefore are all unique. I use wood from trees that I have felled or cut, this is where being a tree surgeon has its advantages.

So everything is 100% reused, recycled, UK grown and local to my workshop on the edge of the Southdowns National Park. I begin assessing the wood before its even left the tree using my years of knowledge and experience to coax out the very best of the wood and find the hidden beauty of the grain and the nature inside.

My bowls can be for fruit, salad or food in general, or a smaller bowl for sweets or nuts. I call these '20 minute bowls' as that's how long a bowl of nuts lasts me in front of the TV.

Use them for keys or change or anything really, or just a talking point on the coffee table.

Wooden bowls have a timeless beauty that evoke a sense of traditional English heritage at home on display or on the family dining table. 

If you have lost a tree or just need to trim a tree in your garden why not consider commissioning a bowl? That way you can hold on to a piece of your tree.

A handmade, unique wooden bowl always makes a perfect gift.


To talk to me about my bowls or any commisions, please contact me on:


or visit my Instagram account

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